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Rust Wash

Developed for maritime industries

RUST WASH is specially developed for maritime industries, ships and drilling-rigs. RUST WASH is an acidic cleaning product for regular use. Suitable against rust on painted metal, plastic and painted surfaces.

Outdoor surfaces frequently become unsightly due to running rust. The rust rarely causes any
corrosion hazards of the base material, but leaves an impression of neglect.
RUST WASH is suitable against rust on metal, plastic and painted surfaces.
RUST WASH removes running rust, provides a protective layer and leaves a high gloss finish.

RUST WASH is recommended for:

  • Cleaning ship sides
  • Outdoor cleaning of ships and drilling-rigs
  • Painted metal surfaces
  • Fiberglass boats
  • Running rust

Packaging:                             10L, 20 L and 1000 L

Further questions can be answered by the cleaning experts at Kemilux